Thursday, August 11, 2005

Good Morning

It is a good morning. The house to myself. A little light cleaning, laundry and some blogging.

Start with breakfast: Cake with LaShawn Barber. Mm-mmm. Wish I were close enough to stop in.

Just getting up from a night full of crazy dreams. So was Karen of Scottsdale.

And because GrandDog Ellie is back home in Golden Glow, a very sweet animal story, courtesy of the Happy Catholic. Is that why HuggaMutt won't let anyone near me when we go dogblogging?

It's good to have protection. It's good to be free. It's good to be a woman in the United States of America. Whenever I forget that, I can always be brought up sharp on the Internet. Afghan Warrior has another horror story of civil rights abuse by the Taliban. This time they've murdered a civic-minded woman. The world can never be safe for women while they still exist.

And finally a paraphrased line from "War of the Roses"

Never, never, never apologize for being multifaceted. Shelley at Burning Bird even offers a direct link to her pretty-damned-perfect pics, but the entire entry is worth reading and scrolling. Great links, artistic and philosophic musings, and some ever-so-slightly vulgar fun, from my favorite techno-geek on the Net.

Oh well, gotta go save the world from (yet another) Evil Emperor and his regicidal ally, Kefka. If the world is intact, you've all got me to thank.

Little Pond

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