Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hail the Returning Heros!

This is how we thank our servicemen for their time and sacrifices. And this, too, is how we reward those remaining behind who willingly shouldered the extra work and responsibility for the sake of our servicemen and our country's security. Wish Smash had published the name of the company.

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Little Pond

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Darlene said...

Just had to say this--regarding that mother who's been bawling all over and making the headlines about the loss of her son while he was doing the one thing that made him feel worthwhile--fighting against terrorism--she should be ashamed of herself, and if he was alive to see what she's doing, he would be darned ashamed of her!

I so feel sorry for her for her loss, but she's doing her son a disservice by the way she's handling it. And she's doing a disservice to all the men who are and have ever risked or lost their lives while fighting for freedom!