Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hail the Returning Heros! Part 2

This just makes me sick at heart. Especially when this sort of riveting reportage makes it very clear that we should be nothing except humbly grateful and forever in the debt of our servicemen.

Hat tip to the Cotillion, and many other blogs for the Walter Reed Story. And Michael Yon for his superb report and sheer professionalism, highlighted by self-effacing humility.

Who has the correct assessment of the situation in Iraq? You decide. Winds of Change has all views on the subject: scroll around!

Afghan Warrior could tell a thousand tales that would predict the future in Iraq. And no, it isn't all pretty.

And back to our day-to-day dramas: Some Good News from The View From My Chair. Norm is recovering and Karen of Scottsdale is returning to posting, philosophizing, and blogging.

Something new at Walking Tours. Bring your little buddy, a water bottle and a leash. Oh yeah: some baggies.

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