Sunday, September 04, 2005

Go out and play

Couldn't get into Blogger this morning, so I grabbed the GrandDog and we walked the levee off Brand Park. We were looking for the elusive Chemung River Fishing Access Site. It took hours but we finally found it, right next to Dunn Field, home of Elmira Pioneers baseball.

Need to cull through some fifty snapshots, and will probably open a couple of sites to post them, through WalkElmira in a few days. Results here.


Get updated on the aftermath of Katrina, straight from New Orleans, herself. This fellow rode out the storm and ensuing chaos, blogging all the way. That's the spirit!

I've written this before. The future of Iraq is previewing right now in Afghanistan. Check with the Warrior.

Sick of scenes from Hell? How about Heaven Light? Shelley at BurningBird is winding up her summer. Just a touch of Americana, so appropriate to Labor Day Weekend.

Ferdinand, your host, is waiting for you at the Carnival of the Cats.

And if you've been busily praying for Karen of Scottsdale and Norm, you'll be happy to see those prayers answered.

It's empty-nesting time for Jenny, whose sons are testing their wings. Happening here in Pat's Pond, as well. But I'm not ready to blog it, just yet. I'm such a sap.

Okay, time's up. Turn off the computer and get outside and play!

Little Pond

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

Have fun! I'm going to play with my nieces today!