Sunday, September 18, 2005

Light links, as promised

Sorry it's taken so long to keep my promise, but our old COMPAQ has finally gone around the bend. Memory problems, big time. Must be the automatic updates that ought to be carefully culled out. Just getting in and out of Internet Explorer is now fraught with hangups. Anyway....

Without further delay, we head over to
Instapundit's place, because, frankly, that's where all the best links are, on a day to day basis:
This next year will be hugely blah, fashion-wise. Even
Manolo is running out of ways to describe beige. And forget empire waists! They make me look hippy, and I don't mean emaciated, spaced out and druggy.
In a quite-possibly unintentional salute to our brave brothers and sisters of New Orleans, the
Carnival of the Recipes has many cajun and bayou style meals to offer. Marvelous bonus: offered in a way that relates the brewing process for beer!
And, especially for those who love to follow comment threads, welcome
one of your fellows to the Blogosphere. Remember, I got my start through commenting on my Everloving Blogmother's site.

And appropriate to my being so late with LightHearted Links, a piece on
"Adult ADHD." I've always believed that a person who is consistently late could be consistently early, if properly motivated. Thanks to Grunt Doc.

Not so much light-hearted, as full of heart: The
Afghan elections have me once again all choked up. Bless them and keep them safe during this celebration of democracy. The photos posted on Smash's site are truly inspiring and leave me all teary-eyed.

Not to be frivolous, but... Well, yes, okay, it's certainly frivolous, but I did promise Light.
Dave Barry is showing his age. Hey, we can cry about it, or we can laugh about it. I'd much rather laugh. That's why it's great we can "celebrate" return to work Monday by observing Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Head over to helpless giggling with the girls of the
Cotillion! Absolutely my favorite post of the week, or even month. Girls' gossipy take on the Robert's nomination hearings. Grab a great big wine spritzer before you sit down to this one!

And no links' post is complete without a trip to BurningBird's nest. Very unusual night photos of night-time preparations for a balloon race. Amazingly impressionistic. And Shelley provides references and photography details (lest we doubt that any mortal could take such marvelous pictures!).

That's it. The HuggaMutt awaits her Sunday stroll.

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Anonymous said...

It's about that time of the year again! I found a good place to get the cub cadet snow blower for cheap... But there are times of the year that I think it would just be easier to live in Florida.

Anonymous said...

It's true, we're all a little bit lazy from time to time. And winter is coming. So you're right, as usual, it's time for snow blower sales to make our life just a little bit easier!