Friday, September 29, 2006

Cover your mouth!!!!

Run for cover!!! It's flu season, big time! Criminal Grace has the poop.

Chicken Soup for the Friday Fiver's Soul

1. I can count on one pretty good cold each year, but my lousy immune system sets me up for many little bouts. I'm in one right now. The walking wounded, I am...

2. Obviously, with Multiple Sclerosis, the flu is just dangerous. So cover your mouth and wash your hands.

3. Immunization is paramount. Flu can kill.

4. Preparing soups and hot drinks are the best pro-activity. I also buy OTC remedies targeted specifically to the symptoms and lots of them. Suffering in silence is not my forte.

5. Sick days are for emergencies only. If I can work with Multiple Sclerosis, all those young folks who take tons of sick time are malingerers. Just kidding, but honestly, my boss really thinks that way. He knows that a sick day for me means business. No questions asked. Same for him. In fact, if we've been out sick, we look it when we come back. Gotta laugh when a newbie crabs about feeling lousy on Thursday after Thursday after Thursday.

So wash you hands, cover your mouth, and avoid face to face conversation. Avoid those "glazed donut" faced kids at all costs. And keep two ten-foot poles handy for those drama queen/king cougher-sneezers.

Little Pond

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