Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is this weird?

Or have I simply not noticed?

When cooking in the Little Pond, it is necessary to make a vegetarian version of just about everything. So all my recipes start without meat. I know this is backwards from the norm, but, it's what I do.

Husband RJ's garden is overproducing. We have sweet frying peppers and tomatoes up the yinyang. So chili was the order of the weekend. A huge pot, vegetarian. Starting with pesto, since VeggieGirl loves garlic and basil. She ate it Sunday night.

This morning I portioned out a potful just for her. Then I browned crumbled hamburg separately for the remainder. Fresh new hamburg, 97% lean. Nearly threw up into the skillet. I briefly left the kitchen and returned to throw it away. Everything smelled normal. Delightful even. The way ground sirloin should smell.

What was that all about? Is that how it smells to vegetarians? And no, I am not pregnant! Praise God.

Any ideas? Anyone?

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Definitely weird!

BTW -- I fixed the blank line that was appearing above the header on your blog. It has been there for a month or two but I could not figure out why. Somehow this morning I stumbled across the extra style tag in the code. Hooray for me and for you!

pb said...

Fussy perfectionist, Karen, dear. Good for you, although I guess I never even noticed it.

My brother says he gets that nausea thing that down pres. GHBush a few years ago. May be it's that.

Or maybe I'm part vegetarian. HeeHee.

Dreaming again said...

strange. I have nothing to offer

Bonita said...

Is a guardian angel hovering here. I'd pay attention to those signals, and do just what you did.