Saturday, September 23, 2006


We have several photos of VeggieGirl, asleep with one or the other of our varying managerie. Accumulated over the years, the message is plain.

The kid feels kinship with critters. She loves animals.

Today we were supposed to visit a store pretty much dedicated to 1) Halloween 2) Thanksgiving 3) Christmas and, believe it or not, 4) Easter. In that order. Something like a progressive bazaar. It is an auction house, flea market and general store. The VeggieGirl and I love the place.

A strange thing happens to those who publish a daily. By the end of each week, the disorientation in time becomes overwhelming. Much of our work is aimed to the future; it's called "Advance Work."

Advance Work let me know that the holiday wonderland known as "Sheddens" (in Gillette, Pennsylvania, just below the New York border) would open over the weekend. We made plans for our first visit of the year today. The Girl was asleep upstairs, and I cleaned house in preparation for a busy shopping morning.

Then the call came: Husband RJ goes to Sheddens also, to buy cigarettes in Pennsylvania, where they are appreciably cheaper. He called to tell me that the Holiday store portion would not open until next weekend.

No matter, I thought. I finished cleaning the kitchen and got myself together for a walk. Leash, check. Collar, check. Greenies, check. Phone, check. Maybe we'll go to the Chemung River before the rains make it dangerous.

Then I looked for the HuggaMutt. She should be waiting for me each day around 9 or 10 AM. Had she returned to Da Glow with MammaDog?

Nope. A quick look upstairs showed VeggieGirl, the cat DeeDee, and Ellie, all sharing the same bed. All snuggled together in a litter-like clump.

Didn't have the heart to break them up. Thank goodness there was no need.

Little Pond

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