Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Life in Music

Do you dream in music? I do. Yesterday I woke to a fully orchestrated "Roseanna" playing in my dream. With all the lyrics and the complete arrangement. Happens all the time to me. Even when I can't really recall all the words in the waking world. I don't even play an instrument.

That was the omen. I'd been tagged by my BlogNephew for 7 songs I'm into right now.

I'm old. At 52, I have a lifetime of music rolling around in my head. I'm one of those crazy people who sing along with the radio, except the one in my car doesn't work. So other drivers see me "talking to myself" while driving. Okay. Maybe I do talk to myself, but it's much more likely that I'm singing to myself.

I tried to put together seven songs that are among those I've been humming or singing lately. Because a younger person may be interested, I've included links to the lyrics (and some sound links) to the mouldy oldies.

Herewith, in no particular order:

1-You Sang to Me It's just so wistful and worshipful.
2-At Seventeen It really burns my butt when oldsters call the teenage years the "best years of our lives." They were agony!
3-Somewhere from West Side Story. Always makes me cry. Sometimes things just don't work out. Love definitely doesn't conquer all.
4-Tonight from West Side Story. Husband RJ and I used a lot of WSS soundtrack at our wedding.
5-Fourth of July at Asbury Park, also called Sandy. Evokes summer nights at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. I was young, and it was evident that a bikini made me stand out in a crowd. Quite a message for a girl with brothers who made me feel ugly most of the time.
6-You Don't Bring Me Flowers. Did I mention that love doesn't conquer all?
7-Touch Me in the Morning. It doesn't even conquer some. Hell, love sucks.

That's it. A bunch of oldies, although I am pleased to note that a few have new life with recent covers by the latest artists. I should mention that I won't pass along tags and memes anymore. They are still fun and I don't mind answering them.

Speaking of taggers, my Baby Blogsister's hosting a roof-raising! You should stop by and see the progress on Pearlie's house!

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