Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No More Shopping

Finally finished collecting my mother-of-the-bride outfit. Or getup. Or whatever.

Not a dress. My Mum called to tell me she was wearing a suit. I assumed she meant pantsuit, and I thought that sounded like a great idea. Now she's talking skirt, but we'll see. I'm sticking with pantsuit. RJ's wearing navy pinstripe, with a bright, fallish tie, and maybe a pocket square.

Dark green pantsuit with bright, satin camisole, metallic champagne shoes and purse. Done. Sick of the whole subject. Trying on clothes didn't do a thing for my temperament. Size 10 top; 14 pants, purchased separately. Ghetto booty had better still be in style.

Went to the opening at Macy's. Got caught in the crowd and began to panic. I whimpered that I thought it was supposed to start earlier, at 9:30, and several others agreed that that was the original time. After a damned marching band blew out my nerves, I decided I'd had enough. I pushed my way out of the crush and wandered to the tapering end of the crowd. Found a bunch of friends from work and joined them.

When we got to the door, things were still too crowded, so I bolted again. Went to Burlington Coat Factory and found four very nice silk ties for RJ for under $30. I mentally noted two tops for me and returned to Macy's. The greeter handed me a gift card for $10, which I took as a good sign.

In Macy's the Juniors section was pretty empty. Some white satin caught my eye: a lovely camisole, all shiny and simple. With the gift card, it was less than $30. A little steep for most kids, so the selection was good. If money were no object, I would have bought one in each color; deep cyan, ruby red, cream and white. Sadly, money is definitely an object. I took the cream one.

No more shopping. At least until I start the Christmas list.

Little Pond

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