Monday, November 14, 2005

First of the Season!!

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A quick tour through the West Elmira neighborhood yields this, the first decorated home of the upcoming season. Generally the older folks will hang the boughs early, to avoid working in the bitter cold of late November.

Want something a little more seasonal? We walked along the levee to see the Chemung south of Water Street.

Little Pond


Darlene said...

No fair! I always assumed that decorations were put up early, and kept up late, to make each holiday last longer, and so everyone could enjoy them to the fullest. But that's okay...the ones in the winter make sense. Hmmm... wonder why we never put Thanksgiving decor out (myself included)?

pb said...

We do. I always hang a harvest wreath for the fall, and replace it with a slightly more Christmassy, but still harvest-oriented one the day after Thanksgiving.