Friday, November 25, 2005

Get thee to Five on Friday

...immediately for your first official infusion of Christmas spirit in the Little Pond. Courtesy of Criminal Grace. We are hanging our wreaths today. Husband RJ has already decorated the stockade fence in the back yard. Nothing effusive, just a start that's not ready for photos. So get going!!

Spunky Spooky made it to Thanksgiving just fine. She eschewed the heating pad setup under the computer for a place in a sunny window. A few T-Day photos here, and yes, Bad Boy Bubba is on the freshly set table. He is very interested in all the niceties we accord the aging female, usurping even her heated nest under the computer desk. So naturally she's jealous of our fancy feast, thinking he's getting something special.

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Sissy Willis said...

Speaking of "all the components of the traditional meal," what would a festive table be without the requisite feline overseers?

pb said...

There is no such thing in this house!

Darlene said...

Thumbs up to Spooky! And all the cats--so good to see they're treated as if they're part of the family, which obviously they are. And thumbs up especially to you, pb. This post pulls me into the cozy, welcoming, arms-open-to-everyone mood for the upcoming holidays, which is exactly what they should be like; not the hectic, hassled, irritated retail atmosphere most consumers have created. Can't wait to see some pictures of your decorations.