Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Most Elegant Ephemeral

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Classy-looking in a taupe tuxedo, one of my favorite birds is featured in Shelley's Birding post at Burning Bird. Husband RJ liked it so much, he insisted we set it as wallpaper. And then I had to give my two cents' worth on the Apple/Microsoft post.

But it's Sunday, and appropriately enough, our local Elmira Star-Gazette had a page dedicated to the unfolding controversy regarding gay priests in the Catholic church. Can't thing of anything that makes me angrier, or sadder. Centuries, of honest, holy service denigrated because the actions of sickos. Sexual abuse is never about sex, and always about power. Appalling.

Update: The local diocesan newspaper, the Catholic Courier, features a column by Bishop Matthew W. Clark. This week he addresses the situation is a carefully worded assertion of his own views, and how they relate to homosexual priests in our own diocese. The message resonates again and again: "We deeply value your ministry." Sexual maturity is the important issue facing seminarians, not sexual orientation.

Exactly so: celibate chastity is the commitment required of any Catholic religious, regardless of orientation.

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Shelley said...

pb, thank you and your husband for the kind words on the photo. I'm glad you both liked it.