Sunday, November 06, 2005

PeeBee Says:

You must click over to Shelley's lovely photo essay at Burning Bird! Lucky for us, she's been traveling again, this time by train. As always, you'll be able to click directly on a link for a Flickr slide show. But read the whole thing for what sounds like some very uncomfortable traveling conditions. More photos, too.

So how do you like PeeBee? My Avatar was born in 1999, created by Jon Miller, an online artist in Upstate New York. I believe he has at least one site, and I will post the link when I find it. Like many of my coworkers, he is an avid video game player and a lot of his artwork gives away his fanboy-ness. And I mean that only in the nicest way. Being a fan-girl and all.

I never did play online, though, so I've never before posted the avatar. Don't care to do battle with the game hackers, and I'm way too attached to my games to lose them to some addle-pated idiot who wants to show the world his hacking skills.


Little Pond

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

I love your avatar!