Monday, March 13, 2006

Better today

But it's been a bad weekend. Don't know if I relapsed into flu, or I was just not over it. But I'm all pumped up on meds and I hope to go back to work. At least the beginning of the week is easy.

First off, it's raining in the Northeast and it makes us all uncomfortable. But it's lovely for the Southwest, according to my Blogsister Karen. And they are certainly welcome to it.

But best of all, things are settling down in the Midwest. So we can finally stop worrying about Shelley and read a wonderful, long entry about it all at BurningBird. I've got to cool the jets on my imagination and stop worrying about all my blogbuddies. Be sure to follow the post all the way through, second part is knock-down gorgeous with photos.

So I can return to work assured that we all are alive and (mostly) well.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Glad your feeling better!

Darlene said...

Dang it, why are these things happening to so many of us. Can't say they make us more appreciative when things are good, because believe me, I for one so appreciate it when I'm feeling healthy and things are going smoothly, and I know most of us feel that way!