Wednesday, March 29, 2006

When the Journey is the Destination

Time to replace the rant. It is too negative. But a commenter, Lisa, posted to her website a wonderfully positive item on Spring and Lent. Which got me thinking.

I love spring: its arrival hails the time of year when I am most healthy. For those with MS, the cold months may restore our bodies that were damaged by the heat of summer. And if it stays a little overlong, then the sight of the first robin or the returning geese is all the sweeter.

After a half century, each season is now a journey, as well as a destination. If things are not going so great, well, I usually survive. So let's see what the current crisis has to offer. For instance. VeggiGirl got a ticket that will cost her $150, and us significantly higher insurance rates. A gentle scolding from me produced the first rueful grin I've ever seen on her young face. It caught me off guard, because it was a beautiful, unlooked-for moment. Overpowering love replaced my sullen resentment. At that instant I would kill to protect her, even from her own silliness.

That's when the destination becomes the journey and the journey becomes the destination. We will survive, so let's see what turns up along the way. Husband RJ did not leave me when he learned of the MS. Kinda glad he didn't, and I pointed out that a great many MS stories have a chapter on the desertion of the spouse. He specifically told me that he stayed so he could see how it all turned out.

When I am not wallowing in self pity, so do I. So welcome, Spring! Bring on whatever you have to offer, good and bad, because when I'm feeling well, I'm living in the moment.

Little Pond


Sissy Willis said...

Are you ever like me, secretly longing for the ending of he light?

Darlene said...

I love your outlook on life--when you're feeling well, you live in the moment. If only more of us could learn this important lesson about how to live.