Saturday, March 11, 2006

Husband RJ meets Sissy's Stroganoff

I'm lazy, so we don't eat much fancy stuff, unless Mamma Dog comes around. This weekend, she's recovering from her surgery in Da Glow. I grabbed what we had around the house. We'll follow the full-blown recipe when M is better, and she and I can shop together.

We made Sissy's Stroganoff, Pond-style. I followed Sissy's instructions, but:

Substituted baby vidalias, including tops, for shallots and halved the amounts in the recipe. Then I thrashed around looking for whatever starch is readily available with only microwave heating. Canned potatoes worked well, but I've got to find ready-to-heat pasta. (Bonus points if you actually have egg noodles and aren't too lazy to boil the water. I earned no bonus points.)

Food allergy note: Lessened the effects of tomatoes by using V8-equivalent vegetable juice.

RJ and I used to cook like this all the time, before the girls were born. We now have restricted diets that pretty much prevent joint dining. This was such a nice change, and we were reminiscing about such luscious lovelies as Hungarian goulash. Years ago, I began to make that when I pinpointed the tomato sensitivities. Real Hungarian, sweet paprika is flavorful and great with beef. And we all love sour cream. We gobbled up the stroganoff in short order. (Except HuggaMutt, who took only a "no, thank you" bite and excused herself!)

Kudos to my Everloving Blogmother Sissy, Tuck and their fine feline foodies.

Little Pond


Sissy Willis said...

I LOVE to see a creative cook at work, making do with whatever's at hand. As you know, the only sine qua non with beef strogie is nature's perfect food, sour cream. :)

Karen of Scottsdale said...

Creative cooking is wonderful!

Thank you, Pat, for the rain! The sun is out today but yesterday it rained all day and all night. The far northern regions of the valley including the mountains in Scottsdale got a light dusting of snow. I live too far south for that to happen at my house. The rain was good enough for me!