Friday, March 10, 2006

Five on Friday Catchup

I feel bad about missing last week; it sets a bad precedent. So let's start with that one: Last Will and Testament.

1. We are parents, so we have a will

2. I expect to donate my cadaver to research for MS.

3. Roman Catholic Mass of the Resurrection for me!

4. Don’t much care if anyone remembers me at all.

5. I can believe in reincarnation in a very broad sense. We are all, in fact, simultaneous incarnations of the One Spirit. And that Spirit is not constrained by time as we experience it. So anything is possible.

This week:
Scent-sory Overload

1. I always wear perfume, but I can only wear scents from
Parfums Jamaica.

2. Usually bathe with a very small amount of Suave Natural Oatmeal Unscented. Otherwise I wash with water only.

3. No scents for the home. Just constant cleaning.

4. Just about any scent bothers me when worn by anyone, even myself. I wear my
Parfums Jamaica scents out of paranoia. Frankly, I wonder what, exactly, do I smell like?

5. Absolutely no aromatherapy. Too many allergies.

There! That should assuage my mild case of OCD!

BTW, MammaDog is home, sore, crabby, and, I hope, recovering, in Da Glow. Thanks for your prayers and wishes.

Little Pond

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