Friday, March 31, 2006

Guess what sports season is here?

Buy some peanuts and Crackerjacks and take yourself out to Criminal Grace for Five on Friday.

My responses:

1-My favorite baseball team would be the Boston Red Sox. It's mostly a regionalist thing. I understand baseball, I can watch it and enjoy it, but I'm not a really big fan anymore.

2-a-My first baseball game that I remember was Little League near home. There were hot dogs and soda. I also remember some other little girls doing cheers.
b-My first major league game was at Shea Stadium. Frankly I can't remember much about it. Seems like Reggie Jackson made an appearance.

3-I won't watch the games but I will follow the scores and rankings in the paper.

4-Who will win doesn't interest me as much as who ultimately wins. If that makes any sense.

5-Not really much of a one for sports movies. But I'm a sucker for the climatic scene from Angels in the Outfield.

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

I have always enjoyed baseball but for some reason the last few years I have no interest in it. Baseball season has been going on here with spring training since March 1. We used to go to a few spring-training games but it's just gotten so expensive it's not worth it anymore. I must admit that I did get really excited the year the Diamondbacks played the New York Yankees in the World Series 2001. That last game here in Phoenix was a nailbiter to the very last. What an exciting time we had. Watching it on TV was way better than being there because we didn't have to fight crowds!

pb said...

We had a bush league here in Elmira, too. It recently closed. I was unable to attend any games at all. Dunn Field is close to the Chemung River, and the afternoon games were notoriously buggy. Also, I avoid any activity set in the full summer sun. But we had some truly rabid, loyal fans who kept things going. We will miss the constant, albeit low-key, buzz.

Dreaming again said...

My first memory of baseball is on my step daddy's shoulders at an Angel's game.
Supposedly my whole family was there, but I just remember Daddy and I.He bought me ice cream, and a batting helmet that I had until he died when I was 14. (unfortuneately, in a fit of teenage angst, I threw it away :*( ...)
This is also one of my earliest memories. One of my favorites.

Darlene said...

I'm far from an avid baseball fan, but I occasionally enjoy watching our Minnesota Twins play (on the TV), especially during the ninth inning if the score is close. And I like to keep up with how they're doing in team ratings.

I very, very seldom go to a live game at the stadium, but when I do, I thoroughly enjoy people watching and eating some prime choices of food. (Yick, it's so expensive!)

David Boxenhorn said...
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David Boxenhorn said...
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