Friday, August 04, 2006

Almost a day late, but not a dollar short

Criminal Grace has the goods today:


1--five favorite stores?

Family Dollar has the nicest people; Radio Shack is like a candy store to me; Big Lots brings out the homemaker bigtime; Bed, Bath and Beyond the same when I have the cash; and Lowe's for the homeowner in me.

2--store you absolutely hate?

Stores with scented merchandise: candle stores, health and beauty aids and the detergent aisle in any store. Guaranteed asthma attack.

3--cash, credit, debit, or...?

Debit mostly. Credit when something is sorely needed and pricey, or is a once-in-a blue-moon opportunity.

4--in person or online?

Honestly, for clothes, I can't imagine online being very smart. Otherwise, it's cool to shop the whole world in my dining room.

5. In the last six months, what single purchase has been the most important?

Amazingly, a dishwasher repair kit. We've never staunched the rusting before, so it's a revelation to me that we can do something about it.

Back to work.

Little Pond


Bonita said...

I've never heard of a dishwasher repair kit....hope I'll never need one.

pb said...

LOL! Sorry to worry you. The kit consists of little vinyl covers for the prongs that hold the dishes and glasses, and a vial of waterproof paint for the other rust spots that aren't on the end of the prongs.

I'm certain that other people use other, more mundane, household stuff to do the same, but frankly, we've never had a dishwasher survive long enough to rust those spots. We've always worn the darned mechanism out way before the other innards.