Friday, August 11, 2006

First Thing on Friday

Five on Friday this week is a "Last Things" meme:

1--Last thing I ate without regret was whole grain snack crackers to raise my blood sugar at work. Pretty much regretted everything else: calories, quantities, fat content.

2--Last person I talked to was VeggieGirl who was going to work. We always say "I love you" each and every time.

3--I last took a vacation in the Spring, mostly to clean and work on the house.

4--I hugged GolferGirl before and after our weekly visit. I hug the kids, but does the mothers' hug count?

5--My ancestry would be the last thing people learn about me. I'm pretty much a mixed bag, and must look rather indeterminate. When I was a little girl, we always knew the ancestry because we were all third- or fourth- generation Americans. So there was a Dutch family, plenty of Polish, a French/Swedish household, lots of Irish, some Italian and one Irish/Italian, some French Canadian and some Yankee. Hot topic in our neighborhood.

Little Pond

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Cathy said...

Certainly a mother's hugs count. I think those are the best ones!