Sunday, August 13, 2006

Summer Sunday Morning

Woke to a busy Little Pond today. Dressed for Mass, and took the car a few feet.

And parked it. Flat tire.

Mr. Policeman was taking depositions. The neighbors were all clucking.

Slashed tires. Saturday night/Sunday morning pranking, up the one street, around the cross-street and down the other

Husband RJ rankled to think of the vandals snickering at the thought of our Sunday morning ruined.

I couldn't help but notice how nice everyone was to each other. We were all in it together. Met a few neighbors that were new to me.

It's ironic to think that this evil occurrence will probably make for a nicer neighborhood.

Too bad about the tires, though.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Whenever happened to good old toilet papering?

Bonita said...

At least they didn't steal your car. That happened to us, and my bike was in the back of my husband's van. The thieves pitched it somewhere as they sped away, and I lost my only transportation to work. Had to walk until I could get another bike. Kids, just having fun. They never knew how much that bike meant to me.

pb said...

Car theft is not much of a problem here. This nonsense with damaging parked cars is rife in Elmira. We often find our batteries dead in the mornings. All the cars that weren't locked will have had the doors left open, much the same way, up and down the streets.