Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dog Day Morning on the Web

Literally. Mine are dogless: Ellie hides when I call for our walk, so I sent her back to Da Glow. They will lay low and sleep away the heat. Today at 7AM, it was nearly as hot as 9 AM yesterday. That's enough walking for one day.

Can't complain though. My BlogSis Karen has it worse, although she makes the absolute best of it.

After all, my exercise could be a classic runaround, through the medical records' community, where my BabyBogSis, Pearlie, gets her (almost daily) constitutional.

Must be superhot here. Hat tip to Cathy at Athritis Rants.

Not too hot to visit the local ethnic fest at Flitzy Phoebie's. She caught the fun with lots of photos. Wish we'd have one here. I catch glimpses of everyone's ethnic pride every now and again. I was an organizer of the Elmira College International Club's annual dinner and fashion show while I was dating RJ, and we always loved that stuff.

Darker is cooler. In both senses of the word. The darkside of life is cool at Intueri, and don't miss your chance to howl. Today is a rare day to comment.

Let's visit with someone else who is not a game geek. Things are plenty cool in on the Shore where Shushan pokes her way through the Myst.

I know it's hot back East, but I recommend a little visit with Sissy. And let Sissy give you one for the road. Hope her margaritas are well-iced.

Can't tell if Granny J is fighting the heat or not, but her photos indicating a lifestyle of major chill.

And let the kids provide the entertainment; they have the energy. Bet they suck it out of their Dad, though, because mine always did.

Enough! Back to the Pond for a nap. Work tonight.

Little Pond


Bonita said...

If you like Ethnic, you wouldda love our Fest....

I'm surprised at the temps today in New York - 105 in Central Park, and that means 120 in the depths of the city, near the pavement. I cannot imagine how the elderly cope with those temps.

pb said...

With a heat index of 105 here in Upstate NY, our elderly rule the roost. We rarely hear of any deaths due to heat around here, except for those accidental deaths caused by heating systems.

Our streets are full today with tiny little ladies who are walking around like they own the place. Are there really so many people who enjoy these temps? Old men are also cruising around in their Buicks and Caddys.

And none seem to be bothered by the heat. I can barely make it to my car, but some just thrive on it all. Good for them.

Sissy Willis said...

Lots of ice, crushed on the spot. Tuck and Greta had to move into the next room because of the noise. :)

pb said...

My kind of margarita! One of the very few mixed drinks, and the only sweetened one, that I drink.

Cuppa heaven!

Granny J said...

A good altitude makes a big difference in Arizona. We're at 5400 ft in the mountains...this means that nights are invariably cool (often requiring a blanket) & the ambient air temperature is usually very pleasant, tho the sun can beat down through the thinner atmosphere & fry pansies!
Then the rain storms develop & all cools off again.

It sure beats life down in Phoenix or back East! My sympathy, everyone!