Friday, August 18, 2006

Customer Service

Criminal Grace offers "Return to Sender" as this week's meme.

1.--At least once or twice a year we can expect mail "returned to sender." To be fair, it is usually our fault and not the postal service. I should point out that a great many bills sent out at least a week in advance still arrive late. More and more we are using online payment because of this. The worst city is Baltimore. More than half of all our payments arrive there late or just barely on time. I regularly check.

2.--Husband RJ almost never returns defective merchandise. I almost always do.

3.--Gifts are sacred and not to be returned. However, if it doesn't fit, and I can exchange it, I do.

4.--Library books are always returned on time. This is especially important because I browse the "New Books" area. It's not fair to others if I keep them to myself. Library fines are negligible in Elmira, but it's better to just be considerate. Common courtesy is common sense.

5. Not only do I believe Elvis is dead, I believe he is in heaven. If he were Catholic, he would be considered by many to be a saint. We Catholics especially love our saints to be totally human, warts and all.

Speaking of saints, one of my favorites is Francis, because of his patronage of animals before and after his death. He considered himself the brother of all beasts. I often feel rather catlike, and sometimes catty, myself. This piece by Granny J seems extreme, but I can't help but approve. I sometimes think my neighbors think of my place that way. My own father, even, once called it the Cat House.

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