Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What Happened to the Kegger? An Update.

So the Dog family decided to tie the knot, and we approve. I mentally calculated the size of our backyard and theirs, and how much beer and a tent would cost.

No way. MammaDog will be a bride. Lacy white dress and all. And PappaDog in a tuxedo is more than I want to contemplate. Husband RJ and I were wed in our home chapel and everyone wore street clothes in jewel tones. Except MIL, who wore a peach gown, covering arms and legs, in the Washington DC summer heat.

A wedding in fall colors is in store: my mother will wear a pantsuit, and maybe I will, too. Today the bridesmaids, including VeggieGirl, will pick out their dresses. Color is all and I think style is optional. Will keep you posted, as soon as I get a link to the dress. Or a photo!

So the place is a lovely inn between Seneca and Cayuga lakes, on tiny Lake Cayuta. It's woodsy and grassy and is on the little lake itself. The chapel is a walk away through the woods. I found the proprietors low-keyed and hard-working. The lady didn't seem to know the particular style of the inn, but I would call it Federalist. Lots of peaked lintels and woodwork. A little more imposing than I would care for in a living space, but still nice.

My heart stopped when I began to investigate caterers. But we found a lower-priced firm that is famous for its sandwiches and desserts. Wedding cake? Chocolate, natch. And the caterer will provide a full buffet with a sit-down salad and (homemade) bread course. These people are rebuilding after a nasty fire, and that doubles the pleasure of acquiring their services. I know their pain, and can imagine it is still fresh. They aren't big spenders on advertising, and prefer to work through the wedding sites themselves. I can't tell you how much easier this makes things for us. We are crunched for time and would be at our wits' ends in the minutiae.

So, a quick loan against my 401K, and I will probably need a second, part-time job to even things out for a while. Been there, done that; I will survive. And we still don't know that it will be necessary. We want to have fun with this, especially since my family will drive (in droves) from Mass. for the festivities.

Keep an eye out for the next wedding post: Eyes on the Details.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun -- I hope it's a wonderful wedding and a great family party.

pb said...

I'm looking forward to seeing my family again. We do not get together much out here. They will come because they can share the ride among themselves.

I haven't seen some of my brothers in about a decade.

Bonita said...

My son Taraz will marry in the middle of September, and both families involved will host the reception costs. We keep things modest, and the wedding will be in the brides' grandmother's home. My extended family will go on a camping trip afterwards, into the eastern Washington desert for 3 days, to socialize, canoe and chill.

We wish you the best of everything, PB, in planning this event.

pb said...

Much is happening to dampen things here. The groom's family is bitterly divorced and neither from that side will help much. We will need to cobble together a rehearsal dinner that wasn't supposed to be our responsibility.

Aside from that, the kids will stay together up in the vicinity of the Fontainebleau, and my family will gather together for a much delayed and much needed reunion.