Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rest in Peace ...

... Patsy and Jon Benet. Your vengeance is in sight.

It was never a question of Patsy being a suspect, the woman was living for her little girl. Even if it may have been in any way selfish, well, what parent doesn't have some vested interest in their kid?

But I never could figure out why the police considered her suspect. When Patsy accused them of incompetence, this rang so true and so very "not guilty" to me. But why didn't the police come forward with the information that would vindicate her?

Of course, at the end, Patsy cooperated with them, as much as she was physically able, in their further investigations. She knew she was innocent, and let's hope that was enough. At least they are together again.

Rest in peace, ladies. Maybe you can forgive a prejudging world?

Wonder if John Ramsey can?

Little Pond


Dave Lucas said...

Hi! saw your comment on LaShawn Barber's blog! Not to toot my own horn, but I'm quite familiar with the JonBenet Ramsey case. Please check out my blog here and let's hope that DNA tests will implicate this man who claims to be the killer! If not, I guess it's back to suare one????

Bonita said...

The DNA will be the most decisive factor. Then, determining where the suspect was on the 26th, in Bolder City or in Alabama.

I cannot believe all the media attention this suspect has received. And of course, he had to change his shirt and comb his hair before getting off the plane. I shudder to think that this guy has just taken his fantasy life too far, drawing all of us into it too, wondering where he stands.

pb said...

One news report has it that Patsy was asked to cooperate with a very early investigation of the fellow. She knew that they knew she wasn't guilty, I believe. But I also am beginning to think he was dismissed as a nutcase early on. Let's be patient and see what shakes out.