Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm still here.

Just outdoors more while I still can. Off and on this Spring, we have already had days when I really had to hide from the heat. There is no air conditioning at work, so I go out early in the mornings to enjoy what sun I can. Then I rest, as usual, in the middle of the day. Finally I get ready to go to work. In the heat.

We have threatened to arrive in a bathing suit, but I fear I would suffer throes of conscience as soon as they started screaming, "MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!" just as they are struck blind. Or turned to stone, or whatever. Did I mention that we are working in the heat?

The Little Pond is being recorded on video at this point, but I have truly put the "rank" in "Rank Amateur." Never fear, though, soon you will be (forced to) able to watch boring videos of HuggaMutt wading in the mighty River Chemung!

Little Pond

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Sissy Willis said...

Can't wait for those boring videos! :-)