Wednesday, June 27, 2007


It's 80 in the shade (26.66 C)! Even the birds are getting quiet.

Can't go out, even to drop a letter in the mailbox. I had wanted to put the cats in the Kitty Walk today, but won't because, I can't be out there with them. No HuggaMutt to protect them: Ellie's home with Mamma and Poppa Dog, having a full week of poolside vacation. I can't even go there to visit, because there's no air conditioning.

This spring has been such a bad one for the MS, I won't take any chances in the hot weather.

I can remember when I wasn't such a wimp, and I miss it.

Little Pond

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Dreaming again said...

it's not overly hot here (yet) which the heat effects my MG.

But it's seems to be raining non stop ...

and the rain effects my lupus big time.

the moisture in the air just increases the inflammation.

ouch...ouch ...ouch.