Friday, June 15, 2007

We are just not well

... here in Little Pond.

Tuesday afternoon my younger daughter called to tell me she was being taken to the hospital with stomach pain, vomiting and cramps. She'd been violently ill for the last four hours, unable to even sip water.

At the hospital she was in a bay within a few minutes. It took two hours before they began to stabilize her. The place was preparing for an influx of ambulances, due to a crash on the highway.

Once she'd been stabilized, I left it in the hands of Husband RJ and went to work. Turned out that our other daughter, and our son-in-law, also were violently ill, as was one of their friends.

We still don't know for sure if it was a virus (I didn't get sick like that) or food poisoning. Naturally they wonder if they got tainted food, with leftover taco sauce being the primary suspect.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling well, and later turned up at the doctors' offices with the worst UTI ever in my life. Better today, but it will probably take the weekend before I am fully recovered. We are all back to work today.

Update: other picnickers were also taken ill. NOT ALL had eaten the supected food. Probably a virus.

Little Pond

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