Saturday, October 15, 2005

Live links, Saturday reading

Hooray in the short run! You have to go here and here to see another joy-filled milestone of democracy's birth in Iraq. Thanks to Indepundit and Michelle Malkin, respectively.

But freedom is not free. After a joyful birthing come the growing pains. It's important to visit with Afghan Warrior, to get a feel for the tough road ahead for the Iraqis. Still, it's Al Qaeda's worst nightmare: their very own Domino Theory coming true, courtesy of the Alliance!

And finally, because you are an avid reader--we all are!--the bibliophile's bible quotes. Love the Happy Catholic's slant on religion. The gift of tears is a holy and wonderful thing, but, Lord, I'd much rather laugh!

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Julie D. said...

Thanks Pat! If we are not filled with joy then the tears mean nothing, right?