Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Now She Belongs to the Ages

...to paraphrase what was said of Abraham Lincoln, appropriately enough. Rosa Parks has passed on. This little lady will always be the Great GrandMother of the Civil Rights Movement. Did I say "little lady?" She was a titan, the biggest woman in the world that day, now so long ago, when she felt tired. Her feet hurt and she was sick of the treatment blacks endured at the hands of a racist society.

I am extremely gratified to find and be able to present these eulogies in some of my favorite blogs:

To a worshipful America, she became a National Treasure. A touchstone for human rights activists and for anyone who ever had to suffer any indignity, and finally struck back in a small, but decisive way.

Thank you, Rosa. Rest in peace.

This week my BlogFather, James Lileks, is birthing a new book. Gotta have one. I am, after all, a Mommy.

Cats! Cats! Cats! Always at Sisu, who directs us to the 83rd Carnival of the Cats!

And finally, it's time to get in the mood for Halloween. I'm grabbing my long, black Phantom of the Opera cape and heading to the Cotillion. Don't you just adore their way with graphics?

Who says there's nothing to do on a rainy, dark Tuesday in the Northeast? Not I.

Little Pond


emily said...

ellie says hello from golden glow! get the damn garage cleaned, it's sunny today. no excuses.

pb said...

No fair! I just spent an hour installing weather stripping and bottom sweep on our back door. Tell Ellie I miss her and expect her tomorrow morning, after my haircut.