Tuesday, October 18, 2005

SPCA to the Rescue!

A number of our local SPCA heros shuttled down to the Katrina disaster area and back, with rescued pets. The local newspaper carried a full story here. And photos of the damaged darlings are here. Hat tips to both Jeff Richards, our head photographer, and Hency Yuen Eng, nightside editor and slotperson, who posted the photos, as promised.

This entire affair is a heartbreaker. These little fellows look hurt and hopeful. Don't you just adore Crystal, the Pink Pit Bull? And what about Cat2, eh? But I love them all, and send prayers through St. Francis of Assisi that they find their owners, either original, or new and loving.

Related note: I think it was Shelley at BurningBird who cautioned against taking all comers when offering aid to the Katrina refugees. Well, we got the local proof right here. Even the family of the impostor seem astounded.

Little Pond

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Sissy Willis said...

Oh, those animals. They are so dear.