Monday, October 17, 2005

Moody Monday

Another sunless day here in the Southern Tier of New York. NO COLOR in the trees, either. Quick, cancel your leaf-spotting vacation!! Thank goodness I had Saturday with GrandDog Ellie and Sunday afternoon with MammaDog, before I left her in Da Glow with her step-littermates, Brie and Willy.

But... I spent a significant time on the Net. Even in Da Glow. So here are those that really spoke to me:

Get thee to the
Cotillion were all the cutey-pie guy-bloggers are having a beauty contest. Inner beauty, that is. You will be asked to vote. Please do so quickly; results will be posted tomorrow.

My favorite:
Citizen Grim of Right Hand of God posts a wet-yourself-laughing translation of the infamous Zarqawi letter of late. Definitely got my vote. Second choice was a touching tribute to a fallen friend by Danjel Bout of Thunder6.

Which got me thinking about old friends, so I wandered over to
LaShawn Barber who had gone GodBlogging and came back with a sort of Manifesto. This excellent document fits all Christians, and reminded me of my own lifetime conversion through the Catholic Church. So...

...I popped over to the
Happy Catholic, who's counting down to Halloween. The Catholic church prefers to emphasize All Saints and then All Souls, preparing us for our own special Saint's day, when we pass on to the loving arms of our Lord.

The date of our death becomes our own Saints' day when we pass on. But in the here and now, we'd rather celebrate our birthdays. So a very Happy Birthday to our Baby Sister in blogging, Karen of Scottsdale. She's feeling the weight of her years, poor baby. Stop by and log some encouragement in the comment's box.

Finally, Happy Sukot to (and from!) David at Rishon Rishon. Because it's already tomorrow where he lives. And because "Sukkoth," as I knew it, was the first Jewish feast I learned from the Synagogue next to my appartment complex in Annapolis, Maryland. My then-baby MammaDog would watch the children decorating the booth that faced our appartment. Happy Sukkoth to all my Jewish friends and neighbors.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Hey Big BlogSister, Thanks for the b-day greetings! LOL I was joking about the "all down hill from here" line which was my dad's greeting to me.

David Boxenhorn said...

Thanks, Pat!