Monday, April 03, 2006

Dumbed down Monday

Just some links from my various blogrolls (or to be there soon):

Is this Zen? Hasidic wisdom? Or both? Welcome back David at Rishon Rishon. Love this kind of stuff!

Many thanks to Maria at Intueri! I personally did not sign up to walk this year. My health, my daughter's health, etc. We may still walk, just to support the others in Corning, NY, though.

And I can't tell if I've never noticed, or if this is brand new at Pearls and Dreams:

The tiny grain of sand may seem like an irritation,
but you never know when it will turn into a Precious Pearl,
and give birth to a lifetime of Dreams.

Pretty profound stuff, Peggy. Or should I say Pearly?

Little Pond


pb said...

BTW. I personally am dumbed down. Certainly my links are not.

Shows what one can do when not quite at peak, eh?

Karen of Scottsdale said...

Pat, you could never be dumbed down -- at least not in my book!

Bonita said...

Thanks for stopping by 'Flitzy', Pat. I'm glad you liked the photos - Puget Sound is fascinating; there is so much life. And, speaking of life, I enjoyed the link over to Rishon Rishon. The poem, "You never know where your luck is" (4-2-6) was quite precious.

David Boxenhorn said...

Thanks. Don't know if I'm back, though.