Saturday, May 27, 2006

Get it?

Just to show you what a smarty-pants I am, this photo will be added to the Multiple Sclerosis Companion as my profile. A work-buddy and I finally zeroed in on the meaning and illustration of the term ms companion.

Coincidentally, the closest mscompanion system is Sirius, the Dog Star. A fact that was totally lost on Ellie, but rather enchanted me.

The simplest explanation I can give is that a Main Sequence COMPANION is a star that revolves around another, and is as bright as, or brighter than our sun, rather like an humongous nuclear reactor. This is what I call a "Stephen Hawkins moment." Whenever I peruse A Brief History of Time, I clearly understand what he writes. As soon as the book is closed, my brain totally reverts back to not really understanding what I supposedly just learned. People talk about how we stand on the shoulders of giants; I usually lose my balance and tumble down pretty quickly.

Now, for anyone who thinks I spend too much time with my little doggie, I should point out that I am typing while perched on the edge of my seat. Miss Patches Snowboots is asleep behind my behind, and DeeDee, the crybaby, is running back and forth, from my lap to the desktop (though thankfully not on the keyboard). Scroll down if you aren't already heartily sick of kitty photos.

Enough astro-physics. My head hurts.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Oh, just thinking of reading Stephen Hawkins makes my head hurt.

I am making slow progress on Wusses stuff.

pb said...

Right. Like I'm going to believe that Digital Karen has trouble with technical stuff. Just look at the redesign work on my blogs...

And Wusses is shaping up something fierce!

Shushan said...

I know what you mean about understanding while you are reading Hawkings, Henry Morris, Graham Hancock or whoever, and afterward struggling to retain their insights. Happens to me often.

Sirius now makes me think of Myst, my favorite adventure game of all time. ^_^ Sirrus was one of the brothers, you see.

Neat piccy!

Susan :D

pb said...

I've just gotta get me Myst!

Only problem is, I'm not very good with PC based games. We even purchased the King's Quest series, hoping I could finish one. Never happened.

Blogging, yes. Gaming, no. Don't quite know why.