Friday, May 19, 2006

No longer much of a bookworm, but

Five on Friday deals with reading.

1- The last book I finished was Dress Your Best by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London. I wonder if a cocktail table book qualifies; the next one is too. I got them both for my birthday.

2- I am working through Atomic Kitchen by Brian S. Alexander. We are always intriqued by the mentality behind the mid-century excitement with all things atomic or futuristic.

3- Library card? I feel like I own the Steele Memorial. As a taxpayer, I guess I do.

4- Starting in the new book section, looking for favorite authors and topics, I grab up anything that speaks to the moment.

5- The best read in high school was Dracula by Bram Stoker. The worst was a very strange book about a poor dying migrant in Europe. It was in Basque or Catalan, both dialects of French or Spanish. It was interesting to realize that reading does not require complete understanding, and that was the point of the exercise.

Dracula would depress me now; it terrified me back then.

We are all readers in both our families. VeggieGirl probably reads less than any of us, because she has always been extremely farsighted. No glasses directly at hand makes reading much less attractive for her. RJ and I are both getting a taste of this ourselves as our eyes age and reading glasses become necessary.

We are embarking on a weekend of Dog Whispering: Ellie needs to be untrained from guard-dog barking and pulling the leash. So far, so good. I especially want to relieve her of the chore of guarding me while we walk. It served a purpose when I was very ill, and even afraid to go out. Now it's sad to see her trying to protect me from visiting walkers. Time to take back the lead.

Little Pond


Bonita said...

We frequently watch The Dog Whisperer - he is just amazing. Good luck with Ellie.

pb said...

Dog Whispering works! RJ was doubtful and afraid there would be a dangerous situation with the slip-style choke collar. I was confident of at least a 75% good behavior return from Ellie, so I went. I got at least 95% from her!
Good stuff.

Shushan said...

Glad dog whispering worked for you! :D

I noticed you said the last book you finished... do you have my bad habit of picking another book before finishing the last 3, 5, 6...10?

Susan ;)

pb said...

Absolutely! Some books do not deserve my undivided attention.