Saturday, May 06, 2006

Relaxed Weekend on Tap

I expect to blog on the fly over the next two days. We are preparing the Presario for a major cleaning and overhaul. It's going slower and slower, and we suspect our firewall and anti-spyware. Blogging is becoming torture. So let's catch up before we sign off.

First a little weekend whimsey from Shelley at BurningBird. Love this sort of stuff!

Then let's calm down with Bonita. You know, cows and sheep always seem serene to me. Then scroll down for some relevant giggles, for those of us who got older this past week. All courtesy of Flitzy Phoebie.

Believe it or not, we did not celebrate Cinco the Mayo. But I bet MammaDog certainly did, and is sleeping off the Tequila even as I blog. To atone, I'm including Criminal Grace's contribution to the holiday.

1--Got this one wrong, although I really know better. It comemmorates a particular battle. It's just easier to call it their "July 4th."
2--I am fluent in Spanish and can follow various dialects. Heck, I dream in the darned language.
3--Never been to Mexico; I went over the pond instead, to Iberia.
4--I'm really not into celebrating my past. Especially the unpleasant past, such as battles. I am who I am. Today.
5--Tequila is a no-no for me. Like fancy Champagne, Tequila makes me a very naughty girl.

The absolute acme of Cinco de Mayo in the Southern Tier of New York is found at Garcia's. We are always well-received at the one in Elmira Heights. When MammaDog, VeggieGirl and I arrive, the party begins, holiday or not!

That's it for now. Watch this entry for additions this weekend.

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