Saturday, May 20, 2006


The other day, I wanted something from my blog while I was online elsewhere. Maybe in Outlook. I typed "patspond" into the Google bar on my desktop and got this.

Good Lord, what a riot! It's amazing how some people can dream up ways to spend their time and playmoney. Reminds me of the econ exercise in high schools where we followed stock market shares.

Go there if you have a blog. It's probably in there.

Little Pond


Bonita said...

I saw this a year ago, when I started my blog. It is amazing that one's blog can have a value....but, here is another tool, if you are into 'popularity': You can find your rating here:

pb said...

I'm afraid I already know my site's value is 0. That's what I earned from advertising with Google.

Shushan said...

imho these 'rating' sites for online journals are very silly indeed.


pb said...

Amazing that anything can become someone's game.

Darlene said...

Okay, I give up. My Human Nature one showed up when I typed it in, but I didn't see the link to that site you showed us, so I guess you rate more :-)

That's really weird, isn't it? To go through all that work. They really set it up like a stock market! But looks like it's actually a place to advertise one's blogs, so others will know they exist, and when you make new posts, you can "ping" there.

But I also heard that there are virtual shopping sites where you can "buy" virtual goods, and some people really get into it. All I can say is, what's this world coming to?

pb said...

The value of the blogs seem to go up with the number of incoming and outgoing links. Traffic of course affects the value, also.

Boy, I wish the value were real! Could really use the money right now.