Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

It's already begun here in the Southern Tier. School is out for the four day weekend. The same is not true for Pennsylvania children or for most working people. We have no firm plans. MammaDog has left Ellie with us, and will camp with her other two dogs. We will spoil and "whisper" Ellie.

Five on Friday is pointed to the weekend too:

1. No one has died on the battlefield in our family since World War I. We were very fortunate in Korea, Viet Nam and the Gulf Wars, so far.

2. We visit family when we go to the cemetery. I might add that none of us will ultimately lay there.

3. Truly significant dates need to be maintained. Otherwise there is no harm in adjusting, as long as it doesn't insult our living veterans. Unless I am taught differently, I'm fine with the weekend thing.

4. I don't need a memorial. I don't get that, although it is clear that others need to feel they will live on somehow.

5. As with every day, living with MS leads to very light planning. We may visit family, but have made no hard plans to celebrate Memorial Day. Didn't even buy hot dogs or watermelon!

In fact, I hope to have some time to blog. Period.

Little Pond

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pb said...

For anyone who is interested, the original date of May 30 goes back to the post-Civil-War Reconstruction Period. So don't feel bad if you can't remember the meaning of it.

More information here: