Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Never would have guessed it...

but I still have signs of asthma. All day yesterday, in fact, and into this morning.

It started with a walk through the neighborhood with Ellie. She stopped to sniff and mark, and a cloud of pollen came floating off a nearby birch. I held my breath and moved as quickly as I could.

Later, my sister and I toured the Corning Glass Works. Just the historical and collections exhibit. Immediately on entering the glassed-in rooms, we detected what seemed to me the smell of burned wax. Got used to it pretty quick. Further into the labyrinth I began to cough. Asthmatic cough. Pammy sneezed, deep, nasty sneezes that seemed to come from her esophagus, rather than her nose. Asthma again. We used albuterol and beat a hasty retreat. Not easy to do there. Labyrinth was descriptive, not hyperbole.

Red-faced, teary-eyed, and out of breath. We were a mess, especially me, and we decided to find lunch at a local Mexican cafe. Asthma colored the remainder of the trip, although we managed to hit the outlet store and fully shop for kitchenwares. Sheer determination carried us home.

I'm still having the cough and watery eyes. It doesn't help that I need to do laundry. Must-do, however. Back on the antihistamines and hope for the best. Good thing I'm still off work.

Little Pond

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Bonita said...

Even the slightest dust particles in the Corning Glass factory could have contained contaminants that could trigger breathing problems. Would there be minute traces of glass in that dust? I'd be wearing a mask.