Tuesday, May 16, 2006

One Less Thing to Do...

...before I die. I just learned that a person I was looking for has been dead for two years. We moved away shortly after he went to prison for murder, many years ago. We wrote to wish him luck and an eventual good life.

I think we sent another note later, after we moved, maybe a holiday card. It was an extremely traumatic thing for us, because he murdered my friends. Circumstances and his own personal traumas contributed to the murder, and he was hospitalized for mental illness.

Sensational murders are easy to follow, but the perpetrators are not. They age and change, are set free and find another life. As anonymously as possible. A news item regarding a local murder brought this person back to mind. I googled his name and "parole." Bingo.

It took a while, but he did eventually find short-lived happiness. That is to say, he died a happy, well-loved, young man. His widow hopes to bring his story to the public. Through the magic of the Internet, she already has, in a very small way.

And I am so very glad she did.

Little Pond

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