Friday, May 12, 2006

Time for Spring Cleaning!

We are actually going to do it, too. We are looking for a home-owners' loan for the roof and bathroom. So this weekend is dedicated to making our Little Pond look its best for the appraisers. The old dump's gotta shine!

So Five on Friday is particularly apt:

1 I have two stages of spring cleaning: first the winter is swept away, along with all the winter clothing and outerwear, throws and heavy curtains. Then the house is prepped for summer, all light colors and wreaths, awnings opened down, and dusted, and painting to freshen all the stuff that shows in the summer sun.

2 Husband RJ's room is messier than even the attic. He's a piler and an accumulator.

3 Whoever can stand to do a job regularly, does it. The other one occasionally helps. Seems to work for us because RJ is a tidier, and I am a white tornado sort of cleaner.

4 I hate anything that requires a ladder, inside or out. Makes me tired and nervous, just typing about it.

5 We need to remove the day-to-day yardwork because it ties up RJ so very much, especially the mowing. For me, cleaning the kitchen appliances. I am much more likely to just replace them, and in a kitchen that has no really outdoor exhaust, we are always cleaning.

Ellie's gone to Golden Glow, so all the puppy snot is getting cleaned off the windows, and we can actually clean the floors and carpets. Gonna toss the various pet-afghans, too.

Little Pond

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