Thursday, February 15, 2007

Carved out feeding station

No paper, second day.
No crossword or sudoku, except for store bought.

Husband RJ says the birds waited impatiently for him to dig out their breakfasts.

It is so cold, he dug out all his old layering thermals and lined pieces and began insisting I wear them.

Ellie and I are going to feel our walk this morning.

Update: 9:00 AM. What is all the fuss? There isn't more than a foot of snow out here. It is frigid, though, and Ellie's paws need constant attention, because she won't walk in her Muttluks. Still, we had a nice walk and will go out to the bank later, after RJ gets paid.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

I'm shivering just looking at the picture!

Sand Gets in My Eyes said...

I’m a frequent reader of your blog and would appreciate your comments on how blogging impacts you. Thanks!

PS - Amazingly, one of the things I miss MOST here in Saudi is scenes just like this picture! Thanks for sharing it!

Sand Gets in My Eyes said...

Sorry - guess the html didn't take - here's the link! Thanks again!