Thursday, February 22, 2007

Heat Wave!

It is 32 degrees F. 0 degrees C. Freezing by anyone's definition. But it feels like warmth to us this week. The sun shone briefly this morning, and I swept the porch in my pajamas and slippers. (Basic black. Slimming, you know.) Then I shut the front door, and am waiting for a late-morning snowfall.

Indoors, all my floors are stained from icemelt. I vacuum and sweep, but won't deep-clean until after our next visit with the HuggaMutt.

There has to be a limit. My mother would wash the floors nearly every day when I was little. (Seven kids and an A Type homemaker! I will never measure up...) We even had indoor-outdoor carpeting (the very expensive kind, really quite beautiful, as I recall) in our kitchen, and she would wash it with a mop.

But in Little Pond there are only two humans now. There is that much less tracking. And it helps.

We can expect very cold temperatures again, shortly. Glad Ellie will visit then. Our little CuddleBum will be very welcome on the sofa.

Little Pond

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