Saturday, February 03, 2007

Why am I so fired up about BHM?

Black History Month is a huge thing here in Elmira, New York. It was a very prominent stop on the Underground Railroad. Our city was also hometown to some very prominent Afro-Americans. Our black community is very active politically and highly visible in social and church affairs. I won't say that the town is fully integrated, but my neighborhood certainly is, and that is not limited to racial integration. Finally a very dear, departed co-worker's angel sits on my shoulder when I am blogging during her favorite times of year, such as Kwanzaa and Martin Luther King Day. She nags the heck out of me during February.

To keep it interesting for you web surfers, I will only tout those black Americans we can feature with links.

BHM question of the day: Who was the first Black Woman Mayor of a major U.S. city?

Little Pond

Need Help from Game Geeks!!!

We have an old copy of Torin's Passage, that was a favorite of my daughters when they were little. It will not play on any computer or console, now.

I assume we need some sort of simulator. Help, anyone?

Leave a comment and I will answer.

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