Sunday, February 11, 2007

Go for walk, Ellie?

My everloving BlogMother, Sissy Willis, is an animal lover par excellence, and has requested a shot of Ellie dressed for the worst winter has to offer. She wants to see Ellie's "fashion sense."
When the temps drop below freezing, out comes the pink jacket. Below 20 degrees F (6C), on goes the "skirt," which is actually an old "turtle fur" neck warmer. Below 10 degrees F (12C), we tie the neck with a scarf, in case we need to wrap her ears. Hasn't happened yet, though. BTW, she refuses to wear her MuttLuks, so I have to warm her feet myself when we have a problem.
Fashion sense? HeeHee. YOU decide.
Little Pond

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Sissy Willis said...

Layering is where it's at, and pink is definitely her color. Too cute for words. :-)