Friday, February 09, 2007

Five on Friday for Valentine's Day.

It is no coincidence that Criminal Grace's Five this Friday is Roses are Red:

1-Favorite red food would definitely be cherry-pie-filling desserts. Topping the list (pun intended) would be cherry cheese cake.

2-Red clothes? One red shirt and some red shoes. Still working on the red blazer.

3-The only red item in sight while at the computer is "Mac Version Included" sticker on a SegaSoft virtual makeover kit. It's front has a lady dressed in a red top.

4-I was told that I ran a red light last fall at night, but I could have sworn it was green. Let's hope that I'm not having some sort of color problem at night. I've had trouble with reds and oranges before, but not red and green.

5-"Seeing Red" is not my style. Pale face and cold silence is more like it. Sounds white to me.

Little Pond

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

My favorite red food: pickled beats.

I think I own about 10 red tops. I guess I like red.