Friday, January 06, 2006

Back to the Mundane!

Five on Friday is submitted for your approval:

FYI (should you care):

1) I compose on a five-year-old Compac Presario with Windows ME.

2) Bought in Spring of 2001 from Radio Shack. The fellows there transferred all our information and files from the old machine to a virtual hard drive. Hangs up a lot now that we have MacAfee with firewall. We are so ready for a new one.

3) One in this house and one in Da Glow. (Does that one count?--We sometimes use it.)

4) Is there something else besides blogging?

5) Always, the next one being developed. Bells and whistles mean nothing to me. Speed is all.

My new-computer lust is piqued anew! How about you?

Little Pond

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