Saturday, January 07, 2006

A different point of view...

Our redesign has me hankering for more, so the Multiple Sclerosis Companion gets it next. It's all about color. There are fewer photos on the MSC, so the background is more important. Fired an email to Blogsister Karen of Scottsdale, sticking her with the earworm "It isn't Easy Being Green." But the redesign will be up to her; that's why we pay designers. This also has the delightful side-effect of producing something entirely different from what I may be mentally formulating. I am verbally oriented. Karen is visually oriented.

Analogously (Is that a real word? Should be.) my daily crossword caused musings about my friend GolferGirl. She's moving up the ranks in Sudoku. To me, that is just so much work; to her, it is bliss. She tells me that daily crosswords are so much work, and they get harder as the week progresses. And they surely do, but I'd never noticed. I am verbally oriented. GolferGirl is mathematical. Mentally, she's already quantified the crosswords. Fascinating.

My WalkElmira blogs show things, and they, to me, have stories. Those stories are more important than the photos of the things telling them. My Everloving Blogmother at Sisu dances the "Light Fantastic" in hers. Her artistic photos are all about Impressionism, leaving mine lightyears behind. Perhaps because of my job, I am into Realism. Sissy is Impressionistic.

I could go on and on. Already have. But DeeDee is shifting in my lap, begging for some lovings. And we are itching to head outdoors with the GrandDog, as she's visiting for a sunny (we hope) weekend, and will need to be walked.

Hope all your winters are sunny and bright, like ours (today, anyway!). My Blogmother says that blogging makes every day bright, and she's right.

Little Pond


Sissy Willis said...

Interesting post. Enjoy your sunny weekend with GrandDog. :)

Karen of Scottsdale said...

Hope you get lots of sun!