Sunday, January 29, 2006

SPCA Update

Stopped in yesterday to drop donation to SPCA. Asked about the Crystal/Sugar thing blogged here. Actually, just below. Crystal and Sugar are not the same dog. Just two remarkably similar critters. But there are still many dogs left from Hurricane Katrina, and many orphans locally, and sooooo many cats.

For God's sake, spay your girlies and fix your boyos! It's unconscionable to let them breed. Irresponsible and cruel. Definitely shows a lack of intelligence. Such a simple, one-time thing prevents generations of misery.

Absolutely infuriates me.

Little Pond

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Darlene said...

So sad, I can't even go to the Human Society any more because it tears my heart seeing these truly homeless animals, and I can't take any more in either. But these are homeless due to tragedy. You wouldn't believe how many animals are abandoned or turned out because their coloring doesn't match the furniture, and pathetic things like that, even if they have exemplary personalities.

So true, that we should spay and fix our pets. There aren't enough homes around to take in all the existing animals that need one, yet people keep thinking they're doing a disfavor to their pet by not having it done. Thing is, spaying and neutering makes a pet's life more comfortable, too. They're not wild animals. They're pets. Once they can get rid of all the problems associated with not being fixed, their personalities become improved, because then they can settle down and become what they were chosen for--to be companions to the humans who brought them into their homes. They'll become more playful and loving, and it sure won't stop them from being protective.